Your Ultimate Outdoor Camping Guide Recommended

Marc : February 24, 2014 12:20 pm : Blog, Travel tips

Camping with pets can be a wonderful experience, but not all animals fare well outdoors. Sometimes it’s hard to expect how animals will respond. Follow these standards to help you pack the right outdoor camping gear and prepare for prospective undesirable circumstances you could face.

Asking yourself these kinds of questions can make your journey less demanding and more delightful. The first journey, whether it is for a campsite clean up or a total leisure trip, is the dry run of camping. Bring a notebook and jot down products you didn’t bring that would have been delightfully to have packed.

However it’s clear that they provide intriguing, fun and distinct experiences. There are many who would rather spend the night outdoor camping than in a luxury hotels and resort. Even still there are more people who would love to rent a campervan, visit to rent one.  If you have actually never comprehended why this should hold true, you probably have not yet enjoyed a great trip of this nature.

Found on this internet site, you will find a combination children backpack camping chair. This is a fully functional backpack that will change into an extremely research study camping chair for your child. This knapsack will have lots of storage space, and will consist of a pouch to carry water and a cam. Your child will definitely enjoy bring their own chair around in this neat backpack.

Get your ID tags in order. Your pet’s age and general wellness will likewise identify his camping viability. Before you go, see to it your animal is current on vaccinations and is healthy enough to handle an increase in activity. An ID tag with a current telephone number is likewise important in case your pet wanders off. For extra security, attaching a flashing LED light to your pet’s collar can assist you keep tabs on him.

There are added attachments and tent material to establish an added room, if you desire. They usually also provide a folded table, which you can easily set up. All this provides you enough space for sleeping and altering. You can bring water bottles and all other necessary things, as the trailer has sufficient storage area. It’s constantly excellent to take some pointers from your regional biker brotherhood, if some of them have used trailers prior to.

Recreational Vehicle trailers are for that reason cheap and conserve you a lot of time and money on air tickets and hotels and resort lodging. If you like trying out new things, they are likewise excellent. You also get to manage your time, as there are no limitations of check in time and out, like hotels and resorts. They have more liberty. Their comfort will leave you seeming like you are home far from house.

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Traveling the World as a Smoker

Tim : January 18, 2014 5:15 pm : Blog, Travel tips

I quit smoking about 5 years ago, but Marc still puffs his cigarettes almost daily.  We travel a lot together, and we’ve been friends since we were 5 years old, so this post is not meant to bash smokers or my friend Marc, but to teach people about smoking in other parts of the world.

You have to remember that when you visit another country as a smoker, you’re liable to offend people who have different beliefs and different cultures.  For example, in China, there was one town we visited that scowled at Marc every time he lit up a cigarette (yes, even outdoors!).  So as a rule of thumb, you probably want to have some backup options in case sparking a smoke is a grand faux-pas.

About the “Patch”… 

The nice thing about the nicotine patch is that nobody has to know you’re wearing it.  Marc now brings a pack of these whenever he travels, because he doesn’t want to offend other cultures.  Note, however, that if you travel on resorts, you’re generally not as worried about offending people, since you’re paying to be on a resort.  I’m really talking about travelers who like to visit the REAL aspects of another country, and who want to get their cigarette fix at the same time.

The only thing you really need to look out for with using the patch are the nicotine patch side effects.  Some people feel dizzy when they use them, and other people feel naseous.  The way to protect yourself from this is to a) quit smoking (ha ha), or b) try the patch before you go on your trip.  If you discover that you get some nasty side effects, you can try another brand or you can talk to your doctor or pharmacist about alternatives to the patch altogether.

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Best Places To Camp At In Darwin, Australia

Marc : November 28, 2013 4:38 am : Australia, Blog

So you’re ready to explore the Land Down Under in your hired campervan, and you’re wondering where to go, huh?

Going on a campervan holiday in Darwin is great. Traveling in a campervan is such a unique way of vacationing since it allows you to save on accommodation and travelling costs! If you want to go vacationing in a camper van in Darwin, then the very first step that you should take is to get your camper van rented. When it comes to a campervan hire, Darwin Australia has a lot of companies to choose from. That’s why we recommend that you shop around to find a great deal. Once you have reserved your camper van, you will want to check out the best places to camp at in this lovely capital city of the Northern Territory.

The good news is that there are plenty of amazing locations to go on a camping vacation in Darwin. One should also keep in mind that camping in public places located within the city’s municipality is considered to be illegal. Therefore, it is advisable to be sure about a particular destination and finding out whether it is camper van friendly or not before heading towards it for a vacation.

The Hidden Valley Tourist Park

The Hidden Valley Tourist Park is one of the most popular caravan-friendly parks in Darwin. Located at a short distance from the south of Darwin CBD, one can reach this park by driving for just ten minutes from Darwin CBD. This park is nestled peacefully in a street off the Stuart Highway. You can relax and have a great holiday on a caravan with your family here. The place also offers a great range of accommodation for those who do not have caravans. For those with campervans, they can take their pick from a wide array of unpowered, powered and ensuite sites. These sites are very roomy and they are situated close to the camp kitchen, park facilities and guest amenities. One can also visit the Mindil beach, Litchfield National Park and Kakadu Park after departing from this park.

Litchfield National Park

Another great place to drive your camper van to in Darwin is the Litchfield National Park. If you are visiting the Hidden Valley Tourist Park then you can go to Litchfield on your way back because it is situated at a close proximity to the former. This caravan friendly national park is about 1.5 hours drive from Darwin and it is a great spot for camping out with friends and family. The Tabletop Track walk is another popular feature of this location. Apart from this, there are other popular sites to visit like the Wangi Falls and Walker Creek which has natural swimming holes and breathtaking waterfalls. You can explore the region in your camper van without any worries because all the sites in this National Park have water, fire pits, firewood an restrooms.

Mary River National Park

When you are in Darwin in your camper van, you definitely have to pay a visit to Mary River National Park otherwise you would be missing out on a lot! There are a number of secluded camping spots located along the river here that you can take a pick from. Two of the most popular spots here would be Couzen’s Lookout and Shady Camp. The scenic lookouts from these sites make the visit to Mary River National Park worthwhile. You don’t have to worry about cooking because these sites are fitted with cooking facilities and they come with toilets too! If you are visiting this park then it would be best to avoid going there from November to April because camping is off limits during this period due to road closures on account of high water levels.


Another great place to camp at in Darwin would be Gunlom. Located in the south of Kakadu, this one is not very popular but it is a great place to visit on a camper van if you are looking for some peace and quiet time. The campgrounds in Gunlom have kiosks that sell ice-cream and other snacks. Maguk is another camping site located in close proximity to Kakadu. This one is even more beautiful than Gunlom and since it is not very famous therefore you can choose this location if you want to be away from the hustle and bustle of caravan vacationers!

Gunn Point

If you intend to go fishing while on a camper van holiday then Gunn Point is the place to be in Darwin. In order to reach this spot you need to drive north of the signpost to Gunns Road until you reach the ocean. Camping is allowed in a lot of places here and there are plenty of great spots for fishing. If you are visiting with kids then you should be careful about preventing them from playing in the creek here as it is dangerous.

Going on a camper van vacation in Darwin is always a good experience if you visit the right destination with the right company. The above mentioned destinations are some of the best places to go on a caravan holiday in when it comes to Darwin, therefore you can take your pick. Irrespective of which you choose, you are sure to have a great time!

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